Info for ECEC Services

Early Childhood Educators play a critical role in working with other professionals, including Early Childhood Intervention Practitioners to assist families to achieve positive outcomes for children with disability and/or developmental delay. Participation and inclusion in mainstream services is of vital importance.

The inclusion of children with disability and/or developmental delay in early childhood education and care settings requires collaboration between everyone involved with the child.  The Early Childhood Australia and Early Childhood Intervention Australia: Position Statement on the Inclusion of Children with a Disability in Early Childhood Education and Care outlines ways in which service providers, educators and support professionals can work together.  The inclusion of  all children requires:

  • program philosophies that reflect shared assumptions about inclusion, the valuing of diversity, collaboration and partnership and what constitutes high quality inclusive practice
  • interpersonal warmth and welcoming for all families and children in their contacts with services and programs
  • programs that acknowledge each child’s strengths, meet each child’s specific needs and abilities and support the active participation and engagement of all children
  • intentional teaching that is interactive, purposeful and thoughtful and recognises the individual needs of each child
  • environments that support meaningful positive relationships with peers and other adults
  • recognition of and support for parents’ advocacy for their child.