How do I choose the right ECI Provider for my family?

From Early Childhood Intervention Australia (VC)

Now that you have your child’s NDIS Plan including Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) funding, you can meet with providers and make choices about which provider you will use.

Your NDIA contact or early childhood partner will provide you with a list and discuss the available providers with you. If needed, they can assist you to make contact with the providers you are interested in. You may have already chosen the provider you wish to use or there may be someone you have worked with previously who you would like to continue supporting you and your child. Your NDIA contact will go over the NDIS documents (including a copy of the NDIS plan) that you can give to the ECI support you have chosen.

A list of registered providers is on the NDIS website with details of the supports they are registered to provide. This list is added to as new providers are registered. It is worthwhile reviewing the registration list periodically to check what new providers may be available.

A list of questions you might like to ask potential providers: